An Interactive Piano – You Tweet It, It’ll Play It…

Player piano - a piano that plays itself. Ideal for weddings?

Once upon a time, an interactive piano that played itself was something people would travel to the opposite ends of the country to see. Now they’re little more than antiques…..

Twitter, and Stanley, might just change that. Tweet a request to @StanleyPiano and your chosen song will queue up for performance on an interactive player-piano. It’s a project by the rather clever people at the creative agency Digital Kitchen. There’s no MIDI (the software musicians traditionally use to direct the instruments that record their compositions); it’s a rather old-fashioned but deliciously effective communication between and old-school player piano and a digital music composition.

It might well be available to play for weddings soon. Until then, just direct your requests – spur-of-the-moment or well in advance – to me at No tweeting required (my fingers are busy doing other things).

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